At Pousada Villa Luna, you can relax with Shiatsu sessions and massages.


This massage is based on Shiatsu. When the flow of Ki is disturbed by injury, anxiety or stress, there are symptoms such as pain, physical and / or psychological discomfort. Shiatsu acts on the rebalancing of vital energy (Ki) by unblocking its flow and providing lasting relaxation.
Duration: approximately 1 hour
R $ 120.00

Climb feet with essential oils and reflexology. Quite relaxing treatment where the feet stay in contact with the hot water of a tub with essential oils. After bathing the feet, hydration is done on the feet and reflexology, which activates the vital organs and balances the energies of the body.
Duration: approximately 30 minutes
R $ 60.00

In this massage the client will surrender to the care of the therapist in a chair of Quick Massage. The entire lumbar, cervical and thoracic region, spine, trapezius and head will be massaged thus undoing all those knots of tension, anxiety and stress.
Duration: approximately 30 minutes
R $ 60.00